Receive Personalized Attention

Welcome to 38th Street Pharmacy.

Located in Austin, Texas, we are a store with a small-town atmosphere and competitive prices.

Independently owned and operated by Jeffrey and Sandra Warnken since 1991, we have a professional and caring staff to meet your pharmaceutical needs.

No Long Lines In Our Store.

Why wait in long lines and deal with impersonal people when you can come to 38th Street Pharmacy or have it delivered to your doorstep or location of choice.

Meet Our Staff

Sandra and Jeffrey Warnken

They are 1985 graduates of University of Texas College of Pharmacy.

Jeff and Sandra are the proud owners of 38th Street Pharmacy since 1991.

Zachary Warnken, PhD, PharmD

Son of Sandra and Jeffrey Warnken.

Shannon Norton, PharmD

Shannon has been with the pharmacy for 10 years.

Margie Sullivan, Pharmacy Technician

Margie has been with us for 17 years.

Brennan Sullivan, Pharmacy Technician

Brennan has been with us for 8 years.

Dolores Flores, Pharmacy Technician

Dolores has been with us for 2 years.

Morgan Murchison, Pharmacy Technician

Morgan has been with us for 1 year.

Matthew Warnken, Pharmacy School Intern

Matthew is a University of Texas pharmacy student.

Madeline Clouse, Pharmacy School Intern

Madeline is a University of Texas pharmacy student.

Kevin Salinas, Pharmacy School Intern

Kevin is a University of Texas pharmacy student.

Sarah Warnken, Clerk And Administrative Assistance

Wes Goodhue

Devon Eastty

Michael Warnken

John King